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Dnipro city, Ukraine Shevchenko park and Student Palace,
Dnipro National University

Robotics competitions

I'm not afraid 
of a robot uprising.
The benefits far outweigh the threats.

— Daniel H. Wilson writer and
robotics engineer

Want to see some of those benefits? We can show you:

Expo Zone

Nao от Noosphere Engineering School

Progress lies not in enhancing what is,
but in advancing toward what will be.

– Khalil Gibran, philosopher

The Expo Zone at the BestRoboFest is a two-day exhibition of technology and inventions. See how far we have come!

Free workshops for children and adults in:
  • robotics
  • 3D printing
  • rocket modelling
  • drone piloting
  • VR, AR activities
Бесплатные мастер-классы для взрослых и детей

For Participants

Do you:

  • understand microcircuitry and software platform?
  • know how to work a soldering iron?
  • enjoy working with technology?

Then you have a good chance at BestRoboFest robotics competitions! Choose your competition, do your best and compete for prizes, trophies and a Grand-Prize from Judges!

You can participate on your own or with a team.

MonsterCarsUA is the first monster vehicle exhibition in Ukraine and a custom vehicle competition. Any custom vehicles can take part in the contest: buggies, hot-rods, trike bikes, monster-tuned cars, bikes, choppers, cruisers and other wheeled constructions. The main qualifier – BestRoboFest is a family festival, so showcase builds that are interesting for a child, and that inspires our youth to love engineering.

Does your monster look weird? Does it move?

Bring it to us and compete for a prize!

Expo Zone

We’re open for partnership and will be happy to showcase your tech product at BestRoboFest Expo Zone.

Contact us:
Kate Iotova
Kate Iotova [email protected] (099) 068 68 95
Special Projects

Do you have any innovations to be actualized at BestRoboFest?

We’re interested in anything: activities for children, themed flashmobs and challenges, art objects… and many more!

Contact us:
Olga Yasinitskaya
Olga Yasinitskaya [email protected] (068) 414 55 04
Sponsors and Media

We’re looking for those who will make BestRoboFest even more trendy and cool!

Contact us:
Olga Yasinitskaya
Olga Yasinitskaya [email protected] (068) 414 55 04
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